Your Industrial Advisor

Our way of working


First we meet with the client to review the company’s strategy, plans, and feasibility concerning the prospective project. This meeting is typically a half- day consultation free of charge. The goal is to get to know each other, evaluate the project, and create a sense of trust for further collaboration.


In the case we do continue our collaboration, Berhan drafts an offer based on the scope of the project. We then work alongside the client to create a detailed plan that includes project goals, resources, roles, and the schedule.


Berhan serves as a competent resource pool and directly participates in the implementation and execution of the project according to the plan. If needed, we utilize our global network to achieve results.

Why Berhan

We offer the experience and know-how based on similar projects. Our own background as executives in the industrial sector gives us the insight to understand your needs and to also speak your language.

The collaborative working style of Berhan:

  • increases the potential for success and decreases the risk of failure
  • balances out your management’s work load by bringing in experienced resources
  • speeds up and increases the efficiency of the process