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We offer advisory services
and successful execution

Berhan helps companies to grow internationally whether through new market entry, merger or acquisition, a joint venture, a partnership, or any other major corporate structural change. We don’t just give advice. We are actively involved in all stages of the preparation and execution of strategic projects. Our key industry segments include technology industry and ICT & electronics.

The Berhan approach is three-fold. First, we advise the client by evaluating and assessing alternatives; second, we develop a strategic roadmap based on our analyses; and third, we help to successfully execute the project.

“We are experienced business executives with in-depth industry insight that our clients find invaluable.”

President and Founder Berhan Ltd.

Customer testimonials

“Berhan helped us to establish a company in China.”

“We received concrete advice to evaluate our operational model.”

“Berhan worked with us to enter several new markets.”